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Sell Silver Bars in New York - NYC Bullion Dealer

Thinking about “Where can I sell silver bars?” You won’t find a better place to sell silver than NYCBullion.

Where to Sell Silver Bars

Stop looking for where to sell silver bars because you found the right place. At NYC Bullion, you can confidently sell silver bars and be sure you will get a superb cash payout. We aim to offer you the best prices for your precious silver bars, whether they be standard or hand-poured. We are waiting for your visit right here in the heart of NYC, in the Diamond District. Our high-class assistants will authenticate your silver bar right in front of you, to be sure that you receive a complete and honest assessment. Each silver bar is examined carefully and according to the highest standards, for you to be satisfied and fairly rewarded when you sell any silver bar.

How to Sell Silver Bars

Have questions about how to sell silver bars? Here at NYCBullion, we are ready to give you all the answers. If you are thinking about selling silver, you should know that there are two types of silver bars available on the market: standard silver bars and hand-poured silver bars. When a silver bar is produced by a private or government mint, it’s sold accompanied by a certificate and carries the mint logo on one of its sides. These silver bars are called standard. The silver bars that are made by individual refiners or manufacturers are called hand-poured silver bars. However, we accept for assessment either standard and hand-poured silver bars, so don’t worry about the origin of your silver bar.

Visit NYCBullion at our very convenient location to get a high-class evaluation of your silver bar. We guarantee you will receive a pleasant experience and a fair exchange, so you can have confidence in dealing with us. Contact us and we will happily assist you with selling silver bars and receiving a cash payout for your silver offerings.

Hand-poured Silver Bars

Forget about worrying whether your silver bar carries a mint logo or not. In general, bars that have no mintmark are hand-poured, meaning that these bars have been struck by individual manufacturers. This, however, doesn’t affect the value of their silver content. Visit us today to receive professional expertise about your silver bars’ authenticity and the fairest cash for silver prices. Contact or visit us and benefit from the best deals when selling silver bars in NYC!