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Looking for a trustworthy buyer to sell scrap silver? Come to NYCBullion and get the best offer for your scrap silver today! When selling silver and assessing its true value, we make sure that you are completely confident with our evaluation.

What is scrap silver? It describes all kinds of silver pieces, from coins, bars, and jewelry to any other silver content that isn’t used anymore and can be recycled. When it comes to selling scrap silver, you contribute to the preservation of the environment. Since silver mining involves the usage of very toxic chemicals, when you sell your scrap silver, you provide silver resources that don’t need to be processed under the above conditions. Thus, not only to you get the most cash for your scrap silver, but you help keep the environment safe while doing it.

Still, confused about which pieces are considered to be scrap silver? Any jewelry item, bars, coins, watches, dental scrap, or other pieces filled with silver can be eligible as scrap silver. But, keep in mind that if your silver belongings carry low silver content or are just silver plated, they don’t qualify as scrap silver, and thus, cannot be assessed.  

Another thing that you should not forget is that when you sell scrap gold, its price per gram will be lower in comparison with the silver spot price. This is due to the fact that in order to be used for manufacturing other silver bullion products, silver must be smelted into raw silver material, involving additional costs. Visit our store in the center of New York City and get your personalized evaluation of your scrap silver offerings.

 Every scrap silver is worthy to be assessed, so don’t hesitate and come get cash for silver today, at NYCBullion!