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Sell Gold Bars in New York - NYC Bullion Dealer

If you are just beginning to sell gold and are thinking to start with gold bars, you made the right decision.

Where to sell Gold Bars

You can stop searching where to sell gold bars because you have come to the right place. Here at NYCBullion we offer you the best prices for your gold bars, either standard or hand-poured. Visit us in our location in the heart of Manhattan, right in Diamond District, and let our experienced assistants evaluate your precious gold bars. If you want to sell gold ingots, you can be confident that your investment is being assessed according to the highest standards. NYCBullion guarantees you the most truthful examination performed in a convenient location right in front of you, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied, informed and rewarded for your gold offering.

How to sell Gold Bars

Still, confused about how you should sell gold bars? With NYCBullion, it’s not an issue anymore. When you want to sell gold ingot, you should keep in mind that they are available on the market in two forms: standard and hand-poured. Standard gold bars carry the official stamps of the refiner on one of their sides and are usually accompanied by a certificate. Hand-poured gold bars are often manufactured by individual fabricators. But, remember that we accept for evaluation any type of gold bars, regardless of their minting process. 

At NYCBullion, you can sell your gold bars in no time! Simply visit our location and get an assessment of your gold ingot, whether it carries a mintmark or not. You can be completely confident in exchanging your gold ingots with us. Be sure you will receive the best cash for gold prices on the market and will leave our store with a fabulous cash payout.

Hand-poured Gold Bars

Don’t worry if your gold bars do not contain the mintmark engravings. In most cases, this type of gold bars is hand-poured. It means that these gold ingots have been manufactured by private fabricators, but this fact doesn’t affect their precious metal value. Our skilled professionals are here to determine the authenticity of your gold bar and its gold content by following the highest industry standards. Be sure you will receive fair prices when you decide to sell one of these hand-poured gold bars. Don’t hesitate, visit or contact us to get the best deal when you sell gold bars!