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Selling old coins

When selling old coins you should know that you are not dealing with inexperienced dealers or untrustworthy pawn shops. You can find many places to sell antique coins. However, not everyone guarantees a truthful assessment of your rare and historic coins. Here, at NYCBullion, you can be sure you’ll get an honest and worthy exchange for any antique coins. Our certified precious metals dealers will give you a transparent examination of your old coins to ensure you get paid for its actual worth. We are one of the few antique coin buyers who wish to provide a pleasant experience to our customers. We want our customers to feel confident in their deals. Stop by at our store to get a generous payout for your valuable old or collectible coins.

Where to sell antique coins

The most significant attribute of highly reliable coin shops like NYCBullion is that you will get a better offer for your antique coins than those from pawn shops or local dealers. This is because these companies have financial obligations that do not allow them to pay you more than the value of the precious metal content in your coins. NYCBullion, on the other hand, is versed in the true value of your historic coins. We are ready to pay you significantly more for any antique coin valued above its precious metal content. All you have to do is visit us in the Diamond District of New York City. Here you will get a full, transparent assessment of your historic precious metal coins. We have a certified and experienced team of professional jewelers that will authenticate your coin in front of you. We will also ensure that you receive all relevant details about your antique coins. If you decide to sell regal or any kind of historic coins, come visit us and get your payout for your precious treasure.

How to sell antique coins

The first and most important thing to keep in mind about how to sell antique coins is that you should always get professional authentication. This should come from reliable coin shops like NYCBullion. We are one of the few that will give you an honest and generous offer for your historical coins. And, we are right in the heart of New York City in the Diamond District. Visit our store and our top-class professionals will be happy to assist. We will ensure that you know the market value of your old coins before selling them. You can also choose to find out what you should be getting by accessing our online ‘Get an offer now’ option. In-store or online, you can be sure you’ll get the fairest, most competitive offering if you choose to sell your antique coins to us.