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Sell diamond earrings

When it comes to selling diamonds or diamond jewelry, particularly earrings, finding a trustworthy diamond buyer and grader is critical. As the prices for diamonds have increased in the past, more diamond shops opened. But one thing to keep in mind about where to sell is few buyers are actually qualified to grade your diamonds. With NYCBullion, you can be 100% confident that you will get a certified top-notch assessment. When you decide to sell, remember that your offer is based not just on the resale value. Your offer is also based on the designer/brand, size, clarity and color of the diamond. Our jewelers thoroughly assess each piece to authenticate the real value and grading. Visit us in the Diamond District of NYC to get your free appraisal and a fair quote!

Where to sell diamond earrings

Today it is difficult to find a place to sell diamond earrings and get a pleasant experience without high-pressure selling. Luckily, NYC Bullion ensures you the best appraisal of your diamond earrings in NYC! Our high-class team of certified jewelers will provide you with a transparent assessment for each characteristic of your diamond earrings. From identifying your jewelry brand to its resale value, every earring is closely examined. Our team determines the size of the diamond, its clarity and color grade. We will offer you the fairest exclusive cash for diamonds offer. This is because we want you to leave satisfied with your payout and experience. Visit NYCBullion in the Diamond District to learn about how to sell diamond earrings and get an accurate grading and value association.

How to sell diamond earrings

If you are still looking for the best way to sell your diamond earrings, you have found the right diamond buyer! Here, at NYCBullion, we offer you a simple, secure and transparent experience when selling both in-store and online. You can be completely confident that your items are graded by a reputable buyer and assessor. Simply visit our store and let our qualified jeweler team handle the complicated process of diamond authentication. They will evaluate your diamond earrings right in front of you. This way, you can receive all the necessary information about your diamond earrings’ color, size, and clarity, as well as designer and resale value. Or, if you prefer to receive your quote online, just complete the “Get an Offer Now” form to get your cash for diamond earrings offer today!